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Front Desk System

Your lobby is like the entrance to your home, when you have visitors there should be a wow factor.  JerseyNG's FDS solution allows you to eliminate the use of paper and do a lot more with people visiting. 

Our Solution makes the process faster and easier. This solution is viable for schools, real estate industry, commercial offices, government office and many more. Change the way you attend to your visitors, by enhancing your Front Desk Management.

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 PikYourKid is the first and only safe & smart dismissal solution for school districts, charter/private schools, after-school programs, and daycare facilities. It connects schools, teachers, and parents through real-time tools to make dismissals safer and more efficient. 

 We’ve worked with schools to perfect a dismissal that no longer relies on outdated paper notes and tedious phone calls to the office. PikYourKid Schools are able to confidently organize their dismissals with ease. 

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Employee Tracking Solution

Our Real-Time Tracking Solution uses our proprietary Frequency and Low Energy Technology to track ID badges distributed to personnel. These badges are rechargeable and may be equipped with extras, such as panic buttons and motion sensors. 

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